Nobody compares to my boyfriend. I’m so happy to have met you and to be so in love with you, each and every single day.

Imagine how many people never tell the person they truly love how they feel and how many story books are never opened because of fear of being rejected or just fear of being scared they don’t feel the same. I think about our story never existing and it makes me sad. These moments are everything to me.

Imagine how many moments are passed and so many things are left unsaid because of fear.

Each passing day makes me so incredibly grateful for you and how amazing you treat me.  Life doesn’t make sense without you in it and I am incredibly grateful to have you in my life.

Don’t ever hold back. Enjoy each moment. Take as many pictures as possible. Love deeply and endlessly. Laugh uncontrollably for hours. Embrace the silence, that’s when you really truly get to know someone.

For the people out there searching for your own true love. Stop. He or she will come when it’s meant to be. I prayed for a man like my boyfriend and told myself never to settle for less than what I deserve. And I still prayed for an amazing man even being with all the wrong, worst ones. Because I knew I deserved better and one day, I would receive it.  And the best part about it all was that it was him all along. Nerves made me scared he might not have felt the same way but he did, all along and it was the best decision ever to go out on our first date. Every day is an adventure. And he loves me no matter what.

And that is true, blissful, unconditional, passionate love.


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