If the ground shakes when you kiss, pick him 💕

Pick the guy who wakes up every single day and thinks of every single way to make you happy.
Pick the guy that’s willing and wanting to be with you as much as possible because you make him happy and he lets you make him happy
Pick someone who is willing to commit fully completely and unconditionally to you because they trust in your love and guidance
Pick someone that’s easy to love and easy to please
Pick the guy that has touched your heart in ways nobody ever has
Pick the guy that people wrote storybooks about and romantic movies, because it truly does exist
Pick the guy that’s better than your favorite character in your favorite movie or book or even play
Pick the guy that will give you more adventure in life than you have ever lived before
Pick someone who shows actions and backs up every promise and every word to you
Pick the guy who won’t ever walk away from you even through the bad
Who supports and guides you into realizing your full potential
Pick the guy who makes you laugh so hard you’re crying… Or peeing lol
Pick the guy that you can have fun with and be playful with, even in a room full of people
Pick the guy that is like magic. Pure and real magic
Pick someone you can laugh with in the complete darkness
Someone who listens to you and respects you even when he may not agree with you
Who pays attention to everything you say even when you don’t think it’s important or in my case, when I forget lol
Who listens to every word, holds you through every tear and has helped build the foundation you both stand on or lie down in laughing so hard you can’t breathe
Someone you can be your full, true and raw unfiltered self with
When you know in your heart that it’s real true love
When you have absolutely no doubts about your relationship.
Ladies, please don’t ever settle. It took me 27 years to fully realize my potential and what I deserved, even though I knew in my heart I deserved the very best, even through the worst relationships. You should be with someone that makes you happy each and everyday. And don’t stop until you find him.

🌸 LC


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