I am happy to say that I’m in a really good place in my life. I began a new job two weeks ago and it has changed my life for the better. All of the things and misfortunes that have led me to this moment were ridiculous but I guess not a lot of good things always come easy right? Personally, I felt like it took me a lifetime to find my one true love and the past (almost two years 😉) have changed my life so much for the best. As far as professionally, it took me a very long time to figure out exactly what I wanted to do. After a lot of persistence and determination plus so many setbacks and disappointments, I literally had the job I wanted, handed to me. They wanted me. They saw something in me that would be the best fit. I had to go through a process, which I was afraid would take so long, but it was pretty straightforward and after being fingerprinted on a Friday morning, two weeks ago, I figured it would be another week before I could begin working. Not even a full 12 hours had passed that Friday and I got the awesome news that I had been approved and could start work that Monday.

It is rare that I get a lot of things I have wanted in my 29 years of life. But that moment, I cried tears of insanely happy joy. The truly best part about it was having my boyfriend right there next to me to share in all of that happiness and joy. I read the email, gasped and was so shocked and surprised. All that aggravation of never being wanted, or not being qualified enough or just not it being meant to be, led me to that particular moment of insane happiness. I was so proud of myself. My boyfriend was so proud of me. My family and friends were proud of me. But the most important was that I was so proud of myself. I am finally content with myself. I am happy with who I am and I’ve fought so hard to become her.

Here is some backstory leading up to that incredible message of proud triumph. I emailed the Director randomly one day about two years ago, wanting a job to work with her. She replied almost instantly, very nicely. She told me I looked qualified on paper, but just didn’t have any spots open but she would keep me in mind. Perfect I thought. Luckily, she kept her word. I emailed her occasionally over the following months and still no positions. Last September, she called me personally asking if I was still interested. I told her I literally just began a job the day before but thanked her endlessly for thinking of me. Luckily, that particular job ended up making me so miserable that I left a couple months later. But I realized after working in that place, what I truly didn’t want. The money was nice but the people and the responsibilities of the job bore me to death. I went on a business trip away and I couldn’t believe how bored I was and thinking how would I last any longer being there. Luckily right before I turned 29, I was able to leave and was so content with my decision. I continued to email the Director, letting her know I was looking again and please keep me in mind. And she did. A few months ago, I went for an interview for a job, recommended by this Director I had been in contact with all along. I could absolutely do the job, but when I think back on it now, I deserved more…. and I think they realized that too.  I just has to wait a little longer but my persistence had paid off. So here we are, the end of the Summer and I’m sitting in my room, feeling hopeless because I truly don’t know what my calling is or if I will ever figure it out. I wanted to be a police officer and went through all the necessary protocol needed, but it just wasn’t in the cards for me. So I kept hoping, I continued to pray for solace and comfort. So it’s the week of my beloved Uncle’s 9 year anniversary since he’s passed. It’s Friday and I’m sitting there applying to jobs (that I don’t truly want but hey it’s a paycheck). I get a phone call and it’s the place I’ve been wanting to work at. She asks me if I’m interested in this particular position, to come in for an interview with the woman I have been emailing for years. I am beyond excited. But I’m nervous because in my life, 99% of the things don’t work out for me so I’m trying to be nonchalant about it. I go for the interview, finally meeting this woman I have been corresponding with and when we meet I tell her “Finally”. So she tells me about the position, I am so happy about it and I go home. It had more pros than cons (which is so important when considering big decisions) so she tells me she will let me know the following day, which is even more superb because most interviews you never hear anything back and I was happy she was so eager to give me a life changing opportunity so I kept my fingers crossed and prayed all of this heartache would finally lead me to a great career. The following morning, I’m checking my emails, taking care of things and I see her email that she was offering me the opportunity. I was so distracted by what I was doing that I saw the email thinking oh man she’s emailing me to let me down gently. I open it up and it was almost like I was looking at myself read the email and have a shocked and surprised look on my face. And then flash forward two weeks later and I am getting the email that I can start that Monday, earlier than expected.

Moral of my whole ridiculously long story? Don’t ever give up. If you want something, you go for it. You’ll probably end up on many detours and wrong ways and everything that was never promised to you. Would I do it over again? Probably because I wouldn’t have became so determined and persistent with this woman. I wanted to work with her so I went to the source. Don’t ever be afraid to go right to the top and ask for an opportunity. I am telling you that they are people just like anyone else and if you show how much you care and are persistent, they will remember you. I literally was handed my job without me asking. I didn’t need to give references because she saw who I was in a 20 minute interview. And to be ending my second week working there and being so wanted and appreciated makes me feel even better. I have such a rewarding position. No day is ever the same. So don’t ever stop praying. Because good things will happen to you especially when you do all of the right things.



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