Easter is for my Grandmother

Happy Easter 🐥🐭🌸🥚

Today is for my grandmother who passed away 6 years ago this June and who always let me help her make the Easter bunny cakes. I missed you so much last year and only hope year after year lessens the blow. I am looking forward to today and know you’ll be with me.

I will especially think of the time that you told me you had a boyfriend and he was coming to dinner. I was so upset and didn’t speak to you for days thinking someone was going to possibly take away my place. You were like a mother to me and it’ll always be that way.

The nice guys always win

This post was originally written a year ago by me.

This is an oath to the nice guys. You men have hearts of gold. And if you find a soul just as pure as yours, you’re one of the luckiest in the world. Pick them and love them with everything in you. If you truly like someone, tell them because in most cases, they feel the same way. People settle because they’re afraid of being alone or they don’t want to end a relationship that’s been bad since the beginning. It’s okay to be alone and it’s okay to search until you’ve found someone you’re meant to be with.

This blog post is dedicated to my boyfriend, the rare genuine soul that has touched my life in more ways than he knows. He has saved my life more times than I can count. He’s the rarest of gems and I am forever grateful, lucky and the happiest I have ever been in my entire life. I am so incredibly grateful to him for loving me. And that I get to love him, forever.

He has given me a lifetime of adventures being with him.

You truly know that you’ve met the person you’re going to spend the rest of your life with.

It’s a different kind of comfort. It’s the warmth on your face from the sun. It’s a cold breeze. It’s how you only see him in a room full of people. It’s magic. Real, pure magic. It’s passion and laughter in the darkness.


Ladies, please take my advice and choose the good guy. The guy that’s going to make you laugh so hard your stomach hurts or you’re about to pee. Don’t choose the guy who makes you cry, or doesn’t tell you you’re beautiful everyday, or abuses you in any way or form. Do not choose the bad boy.

Being single isn’t the worst. I loved being single because it gave me a chance to love myself and see what I wanted in someone after so many failed, and awful relationships. I spoiled myself rotten and didn’t settle for anything or anyone less than what I know I truly deserved. There was nothing worse than trying to convince yourself that your horrible relationship was actually good. It only makes you sick and unhappy and if you’re in an abusive relationship, he will convince you that you’re crazy and you won’t find who or what you’re worth with another person.

Don’t ever allow anybody to take away your sparkle and what you are worth. You deserve to be taken out on dates all the time and someone who accepts you for who you truly are and are becoming.

Ladies, You want a guy that will surprise you. You want someone that wakes up everyday wanting to make you happy no matter how small or big it is. A guy that does anything just to make you smile or laugh. You want a guy that makes you giggle when it all just hurts inside from being so hurt and broken. You want someone that will believe in you, support your dreams, and actually follow you when you think it’s better if you walked away. Someone who will make you dream and believe that they are your truest soulmate and the one you will spend the rest of your life being next to, through the good and the bad, through the peaks and valleys, through the laughter and the pain. When you just know. You want to be with someone that when someone talks about them the first thing out of their mouth is overwhelming and and positive. Someone that’s good but also comes from good people… real good people. Someone who listens to you even when they don’t agree with you. Someone who will buy you a vanilla milkshake just because. Someone that pays attention to your reactions to your favorite things or to your reaction from watching your favorite movie. Someone who comforts you and makes it better even when it’s no fault of their own, but because they can’t stand to see you sad for 60 seconds. Someone who wants to support your dreams and who will love you no matter what.

To my boyfriend,

A moment with you is one thousand lifetimes of beautiful goodness and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

There are no words for our love. There’s us…. laughter until we’re crying….making dreams into reality….to being best friends.

People search their entire lifetimes and never find what we have with one another. It’s soul goodness. It’s beauty and happiness in the morning when you’ve had no sleep but you don’t mind because you had the best night ever…. And don’t want to say best night ever because there’s been a thousand of them. It’s a thousand best nights and to more lifetime of adventures together. To kissing and giggling. To harmony and hearing your heart beat for the first time in your life. A reason to keep moving forward. To singing and laughing in the back of a room together in a room full of people.

You’re gold and men should be more like you but I’m happy I have one of the last ones that that knows how to treat a good woman and keep her around forever

That the existence of you isn’t just a fairytale but it’s my life and I love my life even more now because you’re in it.

I love you more than you will ever know.

But else, but us.

This picture is recent, taken on our awesome vacation we went on a week ago for his birthday.

And I still feel and mean every word.

If the ground shakes when you kiss, pick him 💕

Pick the guy who wakes up every single day and thinks of every single way to make you happy.
Pick the guy that’s willing and wanting to be with you as much as possible because you make him happy and he lets you make him happy
Pick someone who is willing to commit fully completely and unconditionally to you because they trust in your love and guidance
Pick someone that’s easy to love and easy to please
Pick the guy that has touched your heart in ways nobody ever has
Pick the guy that people wrote storybooks about and romantic movies, because it truly does exist
Pick the guy that’s better than your favorite character in your favorite movie or book or even play
Pick the guy that will give you more adventure in life than you have ever lived before
Pick someone who shows actions and backs up every promise and every word to you
Pick the guy who won’t ever walk away from you even through the bad
Who supports and guides you into realizing your full potential
Pick the guy who makes you laugh so hard you’re crying… Or peeing lol
Pick the guy that you can have fun with and be playful with, even in a room full of people
Pick the guy that is like magic. Pure and real magic
Pick someone you can laugh with in the complete darkness
Someone who listens to you and respects you even when he may not agree with you
Who pays attention to everything you say even when you don’t think it’s important or in my case, when I forget lol
Who listens to every word, holds you through every tear and has helped build the foundation you both stand on or lie down in laughing so hard you can’t breathe
Someone you can be your full, true and raw unfiltered self with
When you know in your heart that it’s real true love
When you have absolutely no doubts about your relationship.
Ladies, please don’t ever settle. It took me 27 years to fully realize my potential and what I deserved, even though I knew in my heart I deserved the very best, even through the worst relationships. You should be with someone that makes you happy each and everyday. And don’t stop until you find him.

🌸 LC

Some things aren’t meant to be… or are they?

Hello world 🌸

It is two weeks until I am 29 years old. I feel happy, a little bittersweet and ultimately shocked, 29 whole years have come since I have been alive. So crazy.

I am trying to do more things in my life that bring me comfort and relief in some way or another. This Sunday is Easter, it’ll be nice to have a nice day with my family and my significant other’s family.

I had another WordPress site that got lost somehow and a few days ago I was able to find all of the momentous posts I wrote last year while I had my streak of creativity. I guess I had a lot of time on my hands especially because I was out of work, lost on what I wanted to do and too scared to try anything new. I surprised myself some moments and luckily was proud in the end, but my life is a continued work in progress.

I am trying to learn that nothing needs to be perfect. I am healthy, I am loved and everything will eventually be in place.

Stay tuned. I have a lot of insight into a lot of life circumstances.


The right one will never ask you to customize your true self to their liking

The right one will make you brave. They will make you a better person. And you will thank yourself everyday for being right where you needed to be to meet them.

I have a feeling my blog will be about a lot of relationship finding, never settling and don’t take shit from anybody type.

I have dated many people in my twenties and let me tell you, it was not fun. It was definitely worth lessons learned and “I will never do that again” but if I could go back and minimize the catastrophes I’ve dealt with, I totally would haha

But if minimizing those catastrophes meant I would have never met the love of my love I am currently dating, then I would stick with the disasters, because the end result of all that led me to a lifetime of absolute bliss, with the man of my dreams. I swear I dreamed of being with him all the time. And when things and people and relationships aren’t giving you what you want, you have to leave that rut you’re in and go find what you are truly worth and with someone who will tell you every single day, a thousand times a day, how much you’re loved and how much you are worth.

So I guess my whole point of my blog tonight was to inspire others not to settle, even if that means you’re alone for what seems like forever. Being alone sucks (sometimes) but you have to find some type of comfort within it. There was many nights I watched romantic movies praying for the guy in the movie. I was alone for a very long time because I was so fed up with men and dating and feeling like they were all the “same” and I went and did things, on my own. I even went to eat one day, on my own to see how “weird” it felt, and let me tell you, it was actually a good thing to do. You need to find that peace and comfort within your life somehow. You will also realize that when someone comes along and you may “like” them, they may or may not bring more to your life.

These are things you do not want or need in a relationship.

  1. Any type of abuse, this goes for anything…physical, verbal, psychological, whatever is in their head that they made up and makes you feel crazy. Yes that’s abuse. If you think it’s abuse, it is. If he hits you, break his nose and do not take him back after he comes running to your house, crying, with roses and your favorite chocolate…. True story. Anybody that truly loves you will NEVER lay a hand on you, EVER.
  2. They make you cut off all contact with your family and friends and says they are poison and no good for you. It’s isolation because they want you to trust them and when they hurt you, you feel like you have nobody to go to.
  3. They make lists of things that are wrong with you. Nobody should ever do that you, period. Nobody is perfect but if you do a good job as his girl and he doesn’t think so, screw him. You know what you do and do not do for him.
  4. You can never have a real discussion, or argument about anything. True story, I once was screamed at for using “too much dish soap” and when I laughed and thought he was joking and told him I would buy more dish soap, he got offended and told me he didn’t have enough money and he needed to save as much as he could. Yea, that’s a severe issue.
  5. Discussions and arguments are never fair. You should always be able to freely say how you feel. Yes, they may not agree with it but at least they are listening to your opinion and then you can move forward.
  6. You never go out on any dates….. Ever
  7. You are afraid of them. You should never ever afraid of the person you are with, even when you have arguments.
  8. Your family and friends disapprove. If they were in your shoes, you would feel the same way. So why are you different? I never listened to my mothers opinion about my ex. She hated him and couldn’t understand why… And for two years, I went back and forth with him. This was even after he chased me down the street, because I left his house after telling him to relax because I moved the foot stool….I was legitimately afraid of him and he chased me down, calling me a “bitch.” When I look back, I would shake myself why I ever went back, but I did multiple times.
  9. When you go on vacation with them and are actually physically afraid they will harm you in some way….oh and in my case, he did… And he called me names.
  10. Has a prison record, does drugs, drug dealer, any of that, you deserve better and no, they probably didn’t change for the better.
  11. When you go out to eat, you can’t openly and freely enjoy what you want. Oh and he doesn’t pay.
  12. They only want you coming to their place. And only at a certain time, if it’s always at night, leave.
  13. You never meet any or all of their friends
  14. They aren’t willing to be around and support you for the bad times.

I am actually becoming physically sick from that list, but please, take it from me. Do not settle. And do not settle for someone who belittles you and dulls your sparkle. DO NOT TAKE SHIT FROM ANYBODY. If you suddenly start dressing differently or cutting off all contact from your loved ones, get out. I knew a guy wasn’t good for me if I couldn’t wear the makeup I wanted or the bracelets I loved. I wore dark colors and would always make “pro/con lists” on my phone trying to reason with myself and convince myself it wasn’t that bad, when it was. I would probably be dead right now if I had settled on the pieces of shit I let in my life. It’s better to leave when the first red flag starts flying because sometimes it’s too late and then you have to worry about a nastier divorce and children to support. GET OUT. This goes for men too with shitty women but I’m just giving my point of view if you’re a woman.

A man that is good for you will only make you into a better woman. There will be no red flags. You will be supported, no matter what the circumstances and they will always tell you how they feel, because that is what a real man does. A real man does not cower, or is afraid of commitment to you, but is willing and trustful of your relationship. And if you have arguments, which is normal, he will always find a way to fix it. He will always be a tenfold to what you have always wanted. I prayed every night for my boyfriend. And he was everything I wanted, plus more. I knew him for awhile before we expressed our feelings but it built a really good foundation for us and a friendship that sparked a beautiful love story.

If you have to wonder where your man’s intentions are with you, they aren’t meant for you. I can’t tell you how many times I went out on dates with a guy and it was always, “not sure, not now, not happening.” No. If he isn’t sure, dump him. If he just wants sex, dump him. You’re not a piece of meat to someone who thinks with the head in their pants. If he doesn’t want you, leave and I promise you will find someone better! Or maybe you will also realize you’re better for yourself and that’s where you are meant to be. You don’t necessarily need someone else to have a fulfilling life of adventure and love and self worth. Life is shitty enough, you don’t need someone else to make things worse and more stressful. But if you want to share your life with someone, you just have to fully understand what you truly deserve in another person and he will come. If he wants you, he will tell you. He will take you on dates and treat you like the damn princess that you are. You deserve to be treated with love and kisses and your favorite things. Do not set yourself short and don’t ever settle. I promise he is out there for you.

Do not go searching for love because love will find you when it is meant to be… And if it’s meant to be, it will be.


Nobody compares to my boyfriend. I’m so happy to have met you and to be so in love with you, each and every single day.

Imagine how many people never tell the person they truly love how they feel and how many story books are never opened because of fear of being rejected or just fear of being scared they don’t feel the same. I think about our story never existing and it makes me sad. These moments are everything to me.

Imagine how many moments are passed and so many things are left unsaid because of fear.

Each passing day makes me so incredibly grateful for you and how amazing you treat me.  Life doesn’t make sense without you in it and I am incredibly grateful to have you in my life.

Don’t ever hold back. Enjoy each moment. Take as many pictures as possible. Love deeply and endlessly. Laugh uncontrollably for hours. Embrace the silence, that’s when you really truly get to know someone.

For the people out there searching for your own true love. Stop. He or she will come when it’s meant to be. I prayed for a man like my boyfriend and told myself never to settle for less than what I deserve. And I still prayed for an amazing man even being with all the wrong, worst ones. Because I knew I deserved better and one day, I would receive it.  And the best part about it all was that it was him all along. Nerves made me scared he might not have felt the same way but he did, all along and it was the best decision ever to go out on our first date. Every day is an adventure. And he loves me no matter what.

And that is true, blissful, unconditional, passionate love.

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